When I just don’t think I can do it, 

to be strong another day,

When my cup has overflowed 

and joy has washed away, 

I look to the heavens above, 

turn to God and see,

What examples of courage 

are found in His words for me.

Immediately I find Noah

whose peers were wicked and flawed, 

They scorned for years but he wouldn’t quit, 

because he “walked with God.” 

Could I endure 40 years of complaining 

wandering from place to place?

God said “there has not arisen…a prophet like Moses

whom the Lord knew face to face.”

They must have had their up and downs 

when they thought all hope was lost, 

But that wasn’t where they remained, 

pushing on they paid the cost.

Their faith in God made them strong 

through many struggling days,

With a positive attitude they conquered, 

giving God the praise.

Caleb comes to mind

when he and Joshua fought hard, 

They knew giants in the mighty land 

would fail with God on guard.

But everyone stood against them 

with stones to threaten and hit, 

He said, “Let us go up at once… for we are well able to overcome it.”

David, a young inexperienced boy, 

saw a seasoned giant fighter

Who taunted God’s people everyday 

saying he was mightier.

Without hesitation, all by himself, 

he stood up and would not flee,

Declaring God saved him from lion and bear,

He will deliver me.”

Micaiah was God’s prophet 

during Ahab’s wicked reign

Jailed with bread and water 

he knew he could be slain.

Yet he continued to warn the king, 

knowing his words were bleak,

‘..whatever the Lord says to me, 

that I will speak.”

Three young captive boys,

Shadrach, Meshach and AbedNego 

Wouldn’t bow to the king 

when they heard the horn blow.

They faced a fiery furnace,

Seven times hotter for the king’s thrill,

Saying, “Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us… and He will.”

Queen Esther determined to save her people 

and do what was right

Said, “If I perish, I perish” 

standing before the king of Babylon’s might.

The Son of God told us

All things are possible to him who believes.”

And He suffered the cruel cross in death 

so we could be received.

Peter and John when severely threatened 

not to preach a word,

Said “For we cannot but speak 

the things we have seen and heard.”

Paul said “I can do all things 

through Him who strengthens me.”

He was beaten, imprisoned, beheaded;

writing words to set us free.

These Hero’s in darkness

brightened the world in their day,

Never knowing they would still be shining 

centuries away.

So in our time we’ll shine 

and make our Lord known, 

We can do anything with God 

because we’re never alone.

Even if our strength seems lacking, 

even if our joy is dim, 

It is really not about me, 

but how I can reflect Him.

A whole new day awaits 

my determination to make it profitable,

All things are possible,” “I can do all,” 

and “I am well able,”

 (Num 13:30, 1 Sam 17:37, 1 Kings 22:14, Daniel 3:17, Esther 4:16,

Matt 19:26, Acts 4:20, Phil 4:13)


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