Supported Works

Supported Works

The disciples here at Tomlinson Run are happy to help the Supported Works of preachers of the Gospel in other places.

Ruben Colop Sacche working with the Urbina Church of Christ in Cantel, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala — email:

Jeremy Diestelkamp working with the East End Church of Christ in Toronto, Canada — email:

Joel Williams working with the Church of Christ in Eshowe, South Africa — email:

Jerome Forelo working with several congregations of the Church of Christ in the Phillipines (Villa Salud, Maguirig, Tuguegarao) — email:

In addition, a number of our men have been invited by neighboring congregations to preach for them by appointment:

– Heath Baker, Ken Fleeman, Zack Rhodes, Theron Smith, David Dulaney Jr.

… and several others, who from time to time, have been invited by these congregations:
– Charles Street Church of Christ, Wellsburg, WV
– New Cumberland Heights Church of Christ,  New Cumberland, WV
This activity is not overseen by the elders here at Tomlinson Run. The arrangements are entirely between these men and neighboring congregations; however, it is strongly encouraged by everyone here.
The Lord’s church at Tomlinson Run is very serious about the work of preaching the Gospel. As we have the resources, we are eager to support the preaching of the gospel in other places, both in the USA and overseas. Furthermore, we strongly believe in teaching and encouraging men from their youth to prepare themselves to preach the gospel, to teach Bible classes, and to develop qualities and skills that will help them to become deacons and elders when they mature.

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