Home Bible Study

Home Bible Study

In an effort to encourage a greater knowledge of God’s word, we exhort each member to set up private Bible studies in the homes of friends and family. The classes are tailored to fit the needs of all involved, teacher and student. Several tools are available for use in these classes. Some of these include:

“The Visualized Bible Study Series” – This is a video series of five lessons. It deals with such events as the Creation, Flood, Giving of the 10 Commandments, History of Israel, Life of Christ, the Plan of Salvation, Growth of the Lord’s church, and Origins of the Major Denominations in the United States.

“Open Bible Study” – This is exactly what the title says it is. The student and teacher will open the Bible together, look at the passage or text, read it, and answer questions from the study guides for that verse.

We invite and encourage studies in the home and would welcome your interest. There is no cost or obligation. If you want to have a study in your home, simply let one the members know or call 724-573-4144.

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