“Come let us reason together, ‘Says the Lord” (Isaiah 1:18)

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Church of Christ, 341 Tomlinson Church Rd, Georgetown, PA 15043


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AIN’T ANYTHING MEANER THAN KILLIN’ BABIES In Marc Connelly’s wonderful 1930 play, The Green Pastures — wherein heaven is viewed through the eyes of African-Americans in the Deep South — there’s a telling scene involving Pharaoh and a court official identified as the head magician. Pharaoh’s order to drown the male Hebrew children has been carried out, but his hatred for the Hebrews hasn’t abated, and he’s still trying to come up with something to make the Israelites’ existence more…


NO BROWN M&M’S Pueblo, Colorado 1980.  Van Halen was at the top of their game and the top of the world. They were at the start of their Women and Children First tour. Before their concert, Van Halen entered their dressing room to find a bowl of M&M’s. Upon further examination of the M&M’s, the band saw … brown ones. This threw them into an eruption of unchained rage. They trashed their dressing room, causing $3,500 worth of damages, but that was…


WHAT’S WRONG WITH ‘SITUATIONAL ETHICS’? Joseph Fletcher (1905-1991), an Episcopal priest, was the most famous proponent of “situation ethics.” In a book entitled “Situation Ethics: The New Morality” he formalized a view that is commonly accepted by many individuals. Here are some quotes from Fletcher’s book: “For the situationist there are no rules – none at all.” p. 55 “And therefore what is sometimes good may at other times be evil, and what is sometimes wrong may sometimes be right…

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Joe Blake

Joe Blake

Joe Blake serves as an elder at Tomlinson Run where he has attended since 1953. He began his service as a deacon in 1970 and as the treasurer. He and his wife Gay live in West Virginia near the farm where he grew up. He is active in visiting the sick in hospitals and in arranging for the congregation to send cards to those in need of encouragement. We appreciate his many years of service here and the wisdom those…
Ron Hennen

Ron Hennen

Ron Hennen serves as an elder and Bible class teacher at Tomlinson Run and has been very active over the years in the work here. He and his wife Laura live in Pennsylvania. He has been serving as an elder since 2003, and his service is deeply appreciated by the other elders and by the disciples who meet here.
Ken Fleeman

Kenneth Fleeman

Ken Fleeman serves as a elder and Bible class teacher at Tomlinson Run where he is also responsible for scheduling song leaders and singing services. He resides in Pennsylvania with his wife Michelle and is an experienced part time evangelist. We appreciate his calm, courteous manner and the depth of his experience.

Future Gospel Meetings

Andrew Roberts – Fall

Paul Blake – Spring
Tommy Peeler – Fall

Edwin Crozier – Spring
Antoine Holloway – Fall

Nathan Ward – Spring
Heath Rogers – Fall

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