One day a teacher had an assignment for her students. She told them to write down every single one of their classmate’s names with space in between each one. They were then instructed to think of the nicest thing they could say to each of their classmates and write it under their name. Being given the remainder of the class period to complete the assignment, one by one each student’s paper was turned in as they left the classroom. 

That Saturday the teacher wrote each student’s name on their own piece of paper and wrote everything their fellow students said about them. When Monday rolled around the teacher gave each student their paper. It didn’t take long for many in the class to have a big smile on their face, and for discussion to break out among them. “I didn’t know others liked me so much,” “I never realized I meant that much to them,” “This letter made my day” were among the things the teacher could hear being said among her students. After that day the teacher never heard anyone discuss those letters, she was unaware if the students shared them with their parents, but that didn’t matter as that wasn’t what was important. What was important is that the exercise had accomplished its purpose, each student was happy with themselves and one another. 

Many years later one of those students who was part of that exercise ran into that teacher. He went up to her, reminded her of who he was, and then pulled out from his wallet an old, dingy, taped, and stained piece of paper. Before he said a word, the teacher knew the paper was the list she had made all those years ago. “Thank you for doing that. As you can see I have cherished this paper ever since.” 

A nice story to show the power of appreciation and the need to make it known. But at the end of the day, if such appreciation is not regularly revealed, how much does one really feel that appreciation? In the beginning of our marriage, my wife would regularly leave me little heartfelt sticky notes everywhere; in my Bible, on my side of the dresser, on the mirror in the bathroom, w/ my meals, everywhere. I cherish those notes and still have them to this day, and while I occasionally look at the boxes and boxes of little things my wife has given me, and also occasionally still receive a sticky note or two, her love and appreciation for me is visible through and because of her everyday actions. Now our son does the same for us, leaving and gifting us with drawing and notes just to let us know how much he loves and appreciates us. And we know he does, but his appreciation is seen more in his day in and day out conduct than a heartfelt note. 

Now, as Christians, I know we have a great appreciation for all that the Lord has done for us as our study of His word has and continues to reveal just how much the Lord loves His people, and how much He has, and is willing to do for them. There is no doubt in the love and appreciation we have for God, but what I want us to ask ourselves is this, how evident is that love to the Lord and the world around us? 

5 For you are all children of light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness.

—1 Thessalonians 5:5 (ESV). 

As children of the Light, we are to take on the characteristics of Light. With that in mind, like Light we are to be making things brighter around us. Like the Light, we are to be driving out darkness from among us. And like Light we are to be connected to and show evidence of our connection to the source of light, God above. The only way uncovered light can be hidden is if that light is off. Is our connection to and appreciation of our God visible and easily seen by all around us, our God included? Is it evident and clearly seen that we are His and He is our heart and minds focus? NOT HAS IT BEEN EVIDENT BEFORE, BUT IS IT CURRENTLY EVIDENT NOW? Something for us to consider. 


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