Very early in my life I inherited a nice house. I have always felt very fortunate and sometimes guilty with my good fortune. It has served me well through the years, and I have enjoyed the many advantages and amenities it has offered.

I always wanted a big yard – one that I could explore often and raise my children in so they could explore it too. At first, my yard was small, but through the years my yard got larger; soon I couldn’t see the boundaries on my yard, and it seemed the more I ventured out into the yard, the larger it grew.  All kinds of people started living in my yard, and it amazed me how different some of these people were from me. A funny thing though, the more time I spent with these folks, the more I realized how much I had in common with them. I didn’t mind the extra work it took to keep the yard growing; as a matter of fact, like sprays of exotic flowers, these people made my yard more beautiful by the year. When I walked through my yard there was always somebody unique to admire and someone special who would refresh my spirit. I felt fortunate to have them in my yard.

Time has kept moving. Years have accumulated, and the work it takes to tend my yard is getting harder now. I don’t always have the time or strength to tend to everyone in my yard. I’m afraid that part of my yard is being neglected, and it seems my yard is starting to get smaller.  Though I don’t see as many of these people as I used to, their memory still pleasantly shades a good part of my yard. Still, there is no escaping the fact that my yard is shrinking, and I have mixed emotions: sad that I’m losing it but so grateful to have had it.  

And then there is the issue of my house; the house needs more attention now days. The outside paint is starting to fade, spot and crack. The pipes are getting old; strangely, some of them leak and some of them clog. I’ve noticed more shingles missing. The wiring occasionally shorts out, and it takes a few minutes to get things sorted out for all the lights to come back on. The windows are pitted and seem to fog more easily now. The front porch is beginning to lean more noticeably, and I have to be careful moving through the house because the floor is unstable at times. My attic is a strange place these days. I know I have a lot stored up there but sometimes the door gets stuck and I can’t always open it, and when I do, I can’t always find what I thought I had there. The house creaks more each year, and I know it may sound silly, but I’ve heard the foundation starting to groan at times. But, I suppose I can’t be surprised that these things are starting to happen. I’ve lived in this house my whole life and nothing in this world lasts forever.

Yet, if someone asks me how I’m doing right now, I will have to say that I’m doing just fine. My yard is out of control and my house is falling apart, but me – I’m doing very well, thank you. You see I have an appointment with my original Contractor; He is going to build me a new house and set it in a much bigger yard.


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