When we consider the topic of sin as the Bible teaches, we see that sin can and does do permanent damage to all who engage in it. Sin will bring eternal suffering to all who die in it (Matthew 25:46). God makes it clear that sin is no joke, and that the end of the road for the sinner is a serious and deadly one. 

But what is greatly disturbing in our generation today is how man has not only redefined sin, man has also denied its consequences. 

Sociologist use a term known as “cultural lag.” Cultural lag refers to the idea that the culture takes time to catch us with technological innovations, resulting in social problems. In other words, cultural lag teaches that the problems and conflicts that arise in today’s world are not because of sin, but because society has yet to catch up. Cultural lag is just a sociologist’s way of saying sin. 

Psychiatrist call sin “emotional behavior.” Believing that when one sins, they are just acting on their emotions instead of using rational thinking. 

Philosophers call sin “irrational thinking.” When someone commits what Christ and His followers would call sin, they were simply failing to act with logic or reason.

Humanists refer to sin as “human weakness.” 

A congressman once referred to sin as “a bit of foolishness.”

All this redefining of sin is the result of man attempting to minimize the seriousness of sin. Like every part of life, what matters is what God has to say in His holy word on any particular subject. And the Bible describes sin as an abomination (Proverbs 6:16-19), enmity (James 4:4), iniquity (Isaiah 59:2), lawlessness (1 John 3:4), sin literally means “a missing of the mark.” God has a standard and sin is failing to reach or live up to that standard. Sin is horrible in the eyes of God and should be taken as serious as God describes it. 

When man attempt to water down the word of God and redefine sin, spiritual problems will arise. The sins that one generation repented of, the next generation will ignore. The sins that generation ignores, the next generation will tolerate. Tolerated sins lead to those sins being promoted, then celebrated, until they are finally accepted by the masses. And then anyone who speaks against those sins is labelled as hateful, lacking love, and are then persecuted and believed to deserve the persecution experienced. Sound familiar? Even in my short time on this earth, I have seen this progression. Sins that most believed needed to cease now seem to be cherished in a way. Such an attitude can only be fought against when we are reminded and are willing to make others aware of what God says about sin.


Romans 3:23—for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

Each and every one of us who are of sound mind and accountable age are guilty of missing the mark set by God. Sin is not something only the most wicked men in history are guilty of, the Scriptures record for us that ALL have sinned. We are not sinners by birth, but because of our own selfish choices and practices.


Romans 6:23—For the wages of sin is death...

A wage is what someone is owed for the works they performed. Wages are earned, so man has earned death as a result of the sins performed. Sin has left a path of sorrow, suffering, destruction, and death.


1 John 3:4—Everyone who makes a practice of sinning also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness.

There are several commandments and responsibilities the Lord calls man to practice, sin is not one of them. To make a practice of sin is to regularly engage in things God calls man to keep from or to fail to do what God has commanded. This are sins of commission (doing what God is against) and sins of omission (failing to do what God is for).


Complete obedience to Jesus is God’s remedy for man’s sin. If one is not a Christian, that individual becomes one by obeying the Gospel of Christ and as a result has their sins washed away. If one is a Christian, that individual has his or her sins forgiven by a willingness to repent, as well as confessing and petitioning the forgiveness of God in prayer. Christ is the remedy for sin, the saved need to remember it, and the lost need to know it. As quotes earlier Romans 6:23 reads “For the wages of sin is death…” but this verse does not end here. It goes on to say “but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Not only does God have a remedy for sin, He has offered the gift of eternal life in Christ to all who will fully obey Him and forsake sin. If you were unaware of what God has to say about sin, now you know. But do those around you?

Carlos valenzuela

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