Sermons (Page 76)

Sermons (Page 76)

What are Greater Sins?

While we may judge that an act is in itself a grave offense, we must trust judgment of persons and their sins to the justice and mercy of God.

Andronicus and Junia

“It is a great thing to go down to history as the man with the open house or as the man with the brotherly heart. Someday people will sum us up in one sentence. What will that sentence be?” (William Barclay, The Letter to the Romans, Westminster, rev. ed., p. 220)

What Should I Preach

While the audience’s condition determines what the preacher will teach, the audience does not get to choose what they will hear

Gaius My Host

Gaius of Derbe, a city in the Roman province of Galatia in Asia Minor, in the region of Lycaonia, is named as one of Paul’s seven traveling companions who waited for him at Troas

Is My Name Written There?

God’s record of the righteous began long before the New Testament was written. It is a book open enough for the righteous to know whether their names are written in it

Erastus the Treasurer

Erastus of Paneas was a steward in Corinth; (oikonomos), a political office of high status. It is defined as “the manager of household affairs, or, in this context, treasurer.”

New Testament Idolatry

Idolatry May seem like a dead sin, relatable only through the stories of the Israelites and the nations that surrounded them. But the New Testament writers beg to differ as they warn Christians repeatedly of the sin throughout the scriptures…
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