Sermons on Commitment to Christ (Page 5)

Sermons on Commitment to Christ (Page 5)

Commitment to Christ (related to dedication and service to the Lord)

Remembering How Much It Costs

“Remembering How Much It Costs” Our freedoms are not guaranteed; they must be defended. Thomas Jefferson warned, “The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.” It is important to remember those who paid for our freedom 7 Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor. — Rom. 13:7 God gave America this freedom to use to His glory; use it or lose it.

Sounding the Trumpet

Israelites in the north embraced idolatry; at least they made a choice. Judeans in the south simply rejected the truth; they chose nothing, and therefore were vulnerable to everything. They rejected sound preaching about God’s will and His hand in their history, and their prophets and priests accommodated their wishes.

High Maintenance Christians

High-maintenance Christians are those that require a lot of attention and energy from others. Like a ‘lemon’ car, they constantly need fixing and prodding to run. High-maintenance Christians, always seeking to have things done to and for them, drain the vitality of the church and other believers who are gracious and generous in providing encouragement and support. While it is a privilege to receive help from our fellow Christians, when excessive garnering of support becomes a manner of life, that person is not walking according to the Spirit of God.” (Vic Edwards, Are You a High Maintenance Christian?)
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