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"Sound Words" -- A Moments Wisdom

          A Moments Wisdom is a feature in the local bulletin of the Tomlinson Run church of Christ. It consists of quotes and proverbs designed to provoke spiritual thought and generate Bible conversations. The fact that these wise sayings come from a vast multitude of sources and are heard in every place, time, and situation serves to illustrate the wisdom of Solomon as expressed in Proverbs 1:20-21 -- "Wisdom calls aloud outside; She raises her voice in the open squares. She cries out in the chief concourses, At the openings of the gates in the city She speaks her words"

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"A Moments Wisdom" For This Week

--In youth it seems that the days are short and the years long; in old age it seems that the years are short and the days are long.
--Prosperity makes friends: adversity tries them.
--He is the greatest conqueror who has first conquered himself.
--A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit by them, and strong enough to correct them.
--We experience two kinds of gratitude: the sudden kind we feel for what we receive and the larger kind we feel for what we give.
--We are inclined to call things by the wrong names. We call prosperity “happiness” and adversity “misery,” even though adversity is the school of wisdom and often the path to eternal happiness.
--People who refuse to admit they were wrong love themselves more than they love the truth.
--Increased earnings tend to increase yearnings.
--Many people spend Monday through Saturday sowing wild oats and Sunday praying for a crop failure.
--To many people use religion as a bus; they ride it only when it is going their way.
--There is a difference between good, sound reasons and reasons that just sound good.
--The best way to compliment your wife is frequently.
--You can judge a man by whether, when given a choice, he would ask for a lighter burden or a stronger back.
--When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.
--The real measure of a man's wealth is what he has invested in eternity.
--Everyone has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
--Thank God for what you have, trust God for what you need.
--We often take for granted the things that we always should be giving thanks for.
--Going to church regularly is like making a path in the forest -- the more often you use it, the less obstructions you'll find in the way.
--There are some whose faith is not strong enough to bring them to services, but they foolishly expect it to take them to heaven.
--The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.
--If you don't live it, you don't really believe it.
--Good luck often has the odor of perspiration around it.
--Do not grieve because you feel you will never do anything great. There are people in your little corner of the world, and you can be kind to them. That is true greatness.
--If you would be obeyed as a parent, be obedient as a child.
--The true test of character is not how much we know, but how we act when we don’t know.
--Much of our unhappiness results from a failure to remember the good things that have happened to us.
--The bad news is that time flies; the good news is that you are the pilot.
--Manhood is not measured by the size of the chest, but by the quality of the heart.
--Worry will not help tomorrow’s troubles, but it can ruin today’s happiness.
--The hardest lesson for us to learn is the one we thought we had already learned.
--Often when we criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our need to be critical.
--Age doesn’t always bring wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone.
--God brings men into deep waters, not to drown them, but to cleanse them.
--Of all of our troubles, great and small, the greatest are those that don’t happen at all.
--Few people are as tired as the man who does nothing.
--First, give yourself to God; you can be sure He will look after what is His.
--Wisdom is knowing when to speak your mind and when to mind your speech.
--Many a man thinks he has a clear conscience when what he really has is a poor memory.
--No man is crushed by misfortune unless he has first been deceived by prosperity.
--It is easy to make a buck; it is a lot harder to make a difference.
--Truth is always strong, no matter how weak it looks, and falsehood is always weak, no matter how strong it looks.
--Luck is a lazy man’s assessment of a hard working man’s success.
--We should be completely clear about two matters: first, God is not obligated to heal our diseases, and second, healing our diseases is not God’s greatest gift to humankind.
--Love is grand; divorce is about a hundred grand.
--The fellow who gets on his high horse is riding for a fall.
--Truth sometimes suffers more from the heat of its defenders than from the arguments of its attackers.
--It isn’t enough that something is accepted, if it isn’t fitting. Even if something is permitted, if it isn’t prudent, then it isn’t advisable.
--Some carve out the future while other just whittle away at time.
--In times like these, it helps to remember that there have always been times like these.
--Amen is the same in more languages of the world than any other word.
--Crime’s story would be shorter if the sentences were longer.
--The most effective answer to an insult is silence.
--The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.
--“Rats and roaches live by competition under the laws of supply and demand; it is the privilege of human beings to live under the laws of justice and mercy.” (Wendell Berry)
--“The Lord's mercy often rides to the door of our heart upon the black horse of affliction.” (C. H. Spurgeon)
--“With time and perspective we recognize that such problems in life do come for a purpose, if only to allow the one who faces such despair to be convinced that he really does need Divine strength beyond himself, that she really does need the offer of heaven’s hand. Those who feel no need for mercy usually never seek it and almost never bestow it. Those who have never had a heartache or a weakness or felt lonely or forsaken never have had to cry unto heaven for relief of such personal pain. Surely it is better to find the goodness of God and the grace of Christ, even at the price of despair, than to risk living our lives in a moral or material complacency that has never felt any need for faith or forgiveness, any need for redemption or relief.” (Jeffery R. Holland)
--“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.” (Abraham Lincoln, Great Speeches)
--It is discouraging to make a mistake, but it is quite humbling to discover that no one even noticed it.
--Cooperation is doing with a smile what you have to do anyway.
--An opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.
--No clever arrangement of bad eggs ever made a good omelet. No skillful arrangement of bad deeds ever produced a godly outcome.
--It is not what we eat that makes us strong, but what we digest; it is not what we gain that makes us rich, but what we save; it is not what we read that makes us learn, but what we remember; and, it is not what we preach, but what we practice that makes us Christians.
--Honesty pays, but not enough to suit some people.
--Hatred is a great destructive force in this world, and it does the most damage to those who harbor it.
--Tears will get you sympathy; sweat will get you results.
--Most of us spend a lot of time dreaming about the future without realizing that a little of it arrives every day.
--Satan has many tools, but a lie is the handle that fits them all.
--We are most likely to love praise when we are least likely to deserve it.
--Let us live so that when we die, even the undertaker will be sorry.
--When God permits His children to pass through the fiery furnace, He keeps His eye on the clock and His hand on the thermostat. His loving heart knows how much and how long.
--There is no education like the second kick of a mule.
--Remember that amateurs built Noah’s ark; professionals built the unsinkable Titanic.
--The only good thing you can say about an egotist is that they don’t talk about others.
--Life is a continual process of getting used to the unexpected.
--Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; and, every possession, a duty.
--Is it possible that the reason why talk is cheap is that the supply is greater than the demand?
--When Christ is at the center of your focus, all other matters will come into proper perspective.
--Laughter is to life what a shock absorber is to a car; it won’t take the potholes out of the road, but it will make the ride much smoother.
--Pity weeps and runs away; compassion comes to help and stay.
--A wise may thinks all he says; a fool says all he thinks.
--Conscience is what hurts when everything else feels good.
--A man who wishes to be delivered from his earthly troubles, should first desire to be delivered from the cause of many of them: his own disobedience to God.
--Our strength is shown in the things we stand for; our weakness is shown in the things we fall for.
--It is the little things that often annoy us the most; we can sit on a mountain, but not on a tack.
--Some folks are so busy at being good that they forget to do good.
--A liar needs a good memory.
--The two best times to thank the Lord are when you feel like it and when you don’t feel like it.
--It is easy to be optimistic when things are going your way.
--A fool is known by seven things: denying God, anger without cause, talking without profit, change without progress, questions without a purpose, putting trust in strangers, and mistaking foes for friends.
--Good leaders never set themselves above their followers, excepting carrying out responsibilities.
--A gem cannot be polished without friction, and a man cannot be perfected without trials.
--The dictionary is the only place where reward comes before work.
--The world is full of willing people: those who are willing to work and the rest who are willing to let them.
--You can measure the health and progress of a society based on to whom they give their applause: the clown or the thinker.
--Triumph is just “umph” added to “try.”
--Ideas and opinions are like children; we think ours are wonderful.
--Open your Bible prayerfully, read it carefully, and obey it joyfully.
--When you speak, be sure to speak the truth, for misleading is halfway to lying, and lying is all the way to hell.
--The less a fellow knows, the more eager he seems to prove it to anyone who will listen to him.
--“There is a fountain of youth. It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love” When you learn to tap into this source, you will truly have defeated age.” (Sophia Loren)
--Honesty is an expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap people.
--Don’t carry your mistakes around. Instead place them under your feet to use as stepping stones.
--Only your real friends tell you your face is dirty.
--A mind unemployed is a mind un-enjoyed.
--An education seldom hurts a man as long as he is willing to continue learning after he graduates.
--It is always easy the night before to get up early the next morning.
--Faith enables us to stand what we cannot understand.
--If you ask enough people, you will eventually find someone who will advise you to do what you were going to do anyway.
--The bitterest cup with Christ is better than the sweetest cup without Him.
--Nothing cooks your goose quicker than a boiling temper.
--No matter how much we may dread the future, we certainly want to be around to see it.
--Charity sees the need, not the cause.
--It is not the promise that makes us believe the man, but the man that makes us believe the promise.
--Definition of an opinion: a definite conclusion reached after examining one’s own preconceived ideas.
--You can judge a man, not only by the company he keeps, but also by the jokes he tells.
--There is a vast difference between attraction and attachment; many are attracted to Christ, but few are attached to Him.
--Instead of moaning over the fact that we haven’t gotten everything we want, we should rejoice over the fact that we haven’t gotten all we deserve.
--The trouble with many of us is that we like to be near enough to bask in Christ’s glory, but not close enough to help carry the cross.
--A duty is a task we look forward to with distaste, perform with reluctance, and boast about it afterward.
--Small minds are easily wounded by small things.
--Troubles, like babies, grow larger by nursing them.
--The best way to get a person’s head out of the clouds and his feet on the ground is to put a heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

Quotes About Quotes

-- Proverbs 4:10, 20 - “Hear, my son, and receive my sayings, And the years of your life will be many… My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings.”
-- "It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations. Bartlett's Familiar Quotations is an admirable work, and I studied it intently. The quotations when engraved upon the memory give you good thoughts. They also make you anxious to read the authors and look for more." (Sir Winston Churchill)
-- 1Samuel 24:13 - “As the proverb of the ancients says…”
-- Quotations help us remember the simple yet profound truths that give life perspective and meaning. When it comes to life's most important lessons, we can all use gentle reminders.
-- Psalm 49:4 - “I will incline my ear to a proverb”
-- I pick my favorite quotations and store them in my mind as ready armor, offensive or defensive, amid the struggle of this turbulent existence.
-- One must be a wise reader to quote wisely and well.
Proverbs 26:7 - “Like the legs of the lame that hang limp is a proverb in the mouth of fools.”
-- A fine quotation is a diamond on the finger of a man of wit, and a pebble in the hand of a fool.
-- The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages is preserved in perpetuity by a nation's proverbs, fables, folk sayings and quotations.
-- 2Peter 2:22 - “But it has happened to them according to the true proverb…”
-- I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized as wiser than oneself.
-- A quote can change the way you think about challenges you face.